Review: Swim Secure Dry Bag


One of the most frustrating things I find about open water swimming is not knowing where to put my possessions while I’m on my swim. I always have to leave my towel, warm hat, phone and change of clothes in my car. But then I still have my car keys with me and after my swim I have a cold walk from the water to my car. In the past I’ve found a rock to hide my car keys under while I go for my swim but I hate not knowing whether they will still be there when I return.

I’ve used a tow float in the past and loved the extra level of safety it provided, both by making me visible in the water and providing me with support if I needed to rest. But eventually my old tow float got a puncture. Instead of just getting another tow float, I decided to get a dry bag and solve the problem of hiding my car keys.

Dry bags are tow floats but with an internal compartment in which you can store your belongings, keeping them safe, dry and with you on your swim. After doing some research I opted for the Swim Secure Dry Bag and I’m so glad I did. Read on to find out why.


  • Range of colours - orange, citrus, pink
  • Range of sizes - 20L, 28L, 35L, 50L
  • Integrated dry compartment
  • Double air bag system
  • One way inflation valve
  • Attaches with a waist belt and leash
  • Belt length - 58cm - 108cm
  • Handle on the front and back


Easy to Inflate and Deflate

The one way inflation valve makes the bag really quick and easy to inflate and deflate before and after my swim. I simply put my belongings inside the dry bag and inflate both chambers. I don’t have to rush to screw in the valve cap after inflating the bag as it’s designed so that air can’t escape until you want it to. When you want to let out the air, all you have to do is unscrew the valve cap and press on the valve. I found the best way to press on the valve is using the back of the valve cap itself. 

Sturdy and Durable

One of the main things that attracted me to this dry bag is its durability and double air chambers. My last tow float suffered a puncture. Luckily I noticed it before I got in the water otherwise I’d have had to try to carry the deflated bag back to shore while swimming. The double air chambers mean that if I get a puncture in the future, it’ll just puncture one air chamber and the other chamber will keep my bag afloat and my belongings dry until I get back to land.

Highly Visible

The main purpose of any tow float or dry bag is safety and to be safe, your bag needs to be brightly coloured. The Swim Secure Dry Bag comes in a choice of three high visibility colours. I chose the orange bag as it matches my swim cap. However, I’ve seen other people with citrus and pink bags in the water and all three colours are very noticeable from a far distance away.

Easy to Attach and Wear

Like most tow floats and dry bags, the Swim Secure dry bag attaches with a leash and waist belt. I was a bit nervous about the leash not being adjustable but once I started using the bag, I realised it didn’t need to be adjustable as it’s designed to float in the perfect place. It didn’t get in my way and was so lightweight. I also like that the waist belt is extendable and two or more waist belts can be clipped together to fit swimmers of any size.

Keeps Items Dry

At first I was a bit nervous about whether my items would be kept dry inside the bag. So on my first swim with the bag I just put a small spare towel in to test it. It came out fully dry. Not a drop of water had seeped into the bag. I now trust my car keys and phone in the bag.


Risk of Moisture Inside

So far I haven’t had any issues with moisture inside my Swim Secure Dry Bag. However, this is often a problem with dry bags which can cause mould to develop inside the bag. After every swim I check inside my dry bag for moisture and so far, it’s been really dry. However, I still make sure I fully open the bag to air it out after every swim. This should prevent any moisture causing issues in the future.

Only Orange Available in the Range of Sizes

Although the dry bag comes with a good choice of colours and a wide range of sizes, not all of the sizes are available in all of the colours. In fact, only the orange dry bag is available in all of the sizes. The pink and citrus bags are only available in the 28L size. Although this is disappointing, the dry bag I chose was the 28L size and I think it’s the perfect size. Whether I just want to bring my car keys with me or whether I want to bring more items on a swim hike, it all fits in. I also decided to go for an orange bag. Not only because I love orange, but also because it’s one of the best (if not THE best) colour for visibility when in the water. So if you are wanting a larger size bag, know that the orange will keep you as safe as possible. If you’re wanting a bag smaller than 28L (to just keep your keys or phone) and your heart is set on pink, check out the pink tow donut.

Price Comparison

Compared to other dry bags, the Swim Secure Dry Bag is a high-quality bag at a great price.

Swim Secure 28L Dry Bag - RRP £31

Puffin Billy 28L Dry Bag Float - RRP £30.99

Ultra Dry 28L Swim Buoy - RRP £34.99

Would I Recommend the Swim Secure Dry Bag?

I would definitely recommend the Swim Secure Dry Bag. It does everything I need it to do - It increases my safety in the water, doesn’t get in the way of my swim and keeps all of my belongings safe and dry.

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