About us

Swim more freely, more safely.

Sure Swimmer is for the free-spirited, the adventurers and the wild swimmers. For those who are drawn to open water swimming and the freedom that comes with it. Because there’s nothing better than that initial chill when you get your shoulders under. That back-to-nature feeling. And knowing you’re doing it safely.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality, high-visibility tow floats, dry bags, accessories and more that are designed to keep you safe and seen while open water swimming. 

Make yourself easy to spot in the water with our lightweight yet highly effective tow floats. Keep your belongings safe and dry with our dry bags that provide waterproof protection at surface pressure - with some that double up as a tow float (without your gear inside). And get any extras or replacement parts with our super handy accessories

Crafted in a range of bright colours that make you more visible, our products are perfect for wild swimmers, recreational swimmers, triathletes and more - whatever stage you’re at. 

Our Mission

In a nutshell, we’re a retailer of Swim Secure open water swimming products. We’re also open water swimming enthusiasts ourselves who know how important it is to swim safely with the right gear. 

Why Swim Secure products? It’s simple: they’re market leaders of open water dry bags and tow floats - and we only want to offer the best. Because nothing should stand in your way when it comes to staying safe in the water.

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